12 Ways to Prepare Your Home For Sale

Getting Your Home Ready To Sell Part One… 

Selling your home is exciting, nerve-wracking and there's so much to do! There are obvious things like putting the kid's toys away and cleaning up the dishes, but do you know the little secret touches that buyers notice? These are things that individually may not seem to make a difference, but when a potential buyer walks into your home these things make the difference between falling in love and feeling like it's just so-so.  Read this 3 part series on how to impress your potential buyers. 

12 Things we advise all of our sellers to do: 

1. Windows - All of your windows and screens must be clean inside and out.  Look for peeling paint or caulking that needs to be replaced. Repair or replace windows with broken seals.  Closing the drapes to cover them up can be a temporary way to make things look nicer, but all home inspectors will find them.  Get an estimate to have them repaired and if you can't afford to do it, hang on to that estimate. It will come in handy during negotiations. 

2.  Light Switches & Fixtures - All the grime and fingerprints on light switches must be cleaned and the dust and cobwebs removed from the fixtures. The fixtures should sparkle when the buyer turns them on. If anything is cracked, replace it and if your GFCI's (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt) outlets aren't working have them repaired or replaced too. 

3.  Faucets, Tubs, Sinks - Every surface must sparkle and have no staining. The grout in your shower can get pretty disgusting, so be sure to clean it thoroughly or re-grout.  Soap build-up in the soap tray can get brown or moldy.  Use window cleaner on all chrome surfaces so they shine.  It's certainly unpleasant for a buyer to see your old dirt, especially in the bathroom. Clean the toilets too and for goodness sake, please close the lids for showings! 

4. Carpets and Floors - Some sellers say, "I won't replace the carpet, because the new buyers will probably change it anyway". The problem here is if it's stained or damaged it's a turnoff. If your dog or cat has urinated on the carpet you MUST have it professionally cleaned or replaced.  If you're replacing always stay neutral and light to make the rooms appear larger, not only in person but for online marketing too. Ask your flooring company for "Realtor Grade" carpet and they'll know just what to do for a more reasonable price. If you can't afford to replace the carpet, some suppliers will make arrangements to pay at closing.  We can tell you that in 100% of the cases where a home had pet urine smells, the home never sold until the carpet was replaced. 

Please join us next week when we'll talk about additional things you can do to the interior of your home.  If you have additional questions regarding this or any other topic, send us a message and we'll answer them for you right away. Please don't forget to subscribe too!

The Watsons are active in local communities and have lived in the Northwest Suburbs for over 40 years. Their knowledge and experience will get you the results you want! ~ Jayne Smith, Palatine, IL