12 Ways to Prepare Your Home For Sale Continued

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell Part Three… 

Not only is curb appeal an important part of getting your home ready to sell, but all around the house is important. Here are some ideas for the exterior and just a couple of other loose ends. 

9.  Exterior - You've heard the term "Curb Appeal" and this is critical.  The front door should be completely free of dirt, cobwebs, spider webs, torn screens, peeling paint and put away all holiday decorations.  Torn screens should be replaced, gutters cleared of leaves and broken or rotting wood replaced. 

10.  Landscaping and Yard - Your grass should be green, cut and watered. There should be no dying trees or plants and certainly no flower pots with dead plants.  Bushes must be trimmed and neat and PLEASE pick up your dog's poop! Believe it or not buyers and real estate agents will sometimes walk around the yard and a quick way to turn them off is stepping in your pet's droppings. 

11.  Driveway -  If you have a blacktop driveway get it seal coated. Nothing makes a house look more beautiful than a freshly coated driveway. If you've got concrete make sure there are no significant cracks or holes. The cost of these repairs are likely under $1,000 but a buyer will estimate much more and may decide not to buy due to their perceived expense. 

12.  Simple Updating - An easy and inexpensive way to give a house a more updated look is to buy new area rugs, towels, light fixtures or artwork.  Buy things that you'll be using in your new home but for now make your current one look more updated and desirable.  Bathrooms can look completely transformed by replacing the basic strip of bulb lights with something more modern for under $100. Even replacing an old, stained or cracked vanity can be done for under $500. 

Check every light fixture to make sure you have the maximum wattage bulbs.  When people look at your home it needs to look big, bright and cheerful and having dim or burned out bulbs creates a dreary and depressing atmosphere. 

When you think you've got everything done, take photos of every room. Upload the photos to your computer and look for anything that you've missed. Most buyers begin their home search online, so what you see in a photo is exactly what they'll be seeing.

The Watsons are active in local communities and have lived in the Northwest Suburbs for over 40 years. Their knowledge and experience will get you the results you want! ~ Jayne Smith, Palatine, IL