Do These 3 Things to Sell Your Home After the Holidays

Did the holidays leave your home looking a little worse for wear? Were you too busy trimming the tree and ringing in the new year to take care of routine maintenance? Did holiday guests leave lasting proof of their visit all over the carpets?

If you’re planning to sell your home this year, now’s the time to get it back in shape and ready for house-hunting season, which is just a few months away.

Pack Up and Organize

First, clear out the holiday clutter so you can see what needs attention. Take down your holiday decorations and organize them. Throw away worn out or outdated decorations and pack the rest neatly away. You’ll not only save valuable storage space, but you’ll also take one tiny step toward being ready to move when your home sells later this year.

Keep up the cleaning spirit by tackling other space-challenged areas in your home. Closets, cabinets, even the laundry room and garage can end up as emergency dumping grounds in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Toss the trash and use handy (and stylish) storage gear to keep what’s left looking tidy.

Take a Good Look

Once the stuff is out of the way, take a look around. Beware! You may not like what you see. Are the carpets dingy? Are there scuff marks on the walls and trim? Sauce splatters in the kitchen?

Just because you haven’t noticed your home’s imperfections before doesn’t mean a prospective buyer won’t spot them immediately. Homes sell faster and at a better price when they’re squeaky clean, so use a little elbow grease and get your home in sparkling condition.

Then get the whole family on board to keep your home looking picture perfect for showings. Divide and conquer the household chores so you can be ready for visitors at a moment’s notice.

Take an Outdoor Tour

As you remove your outdoor Christmas decorations, use the opportunity to inspect the outside of your home. Saggy gutters, faded or chipped paint and unruly landscaping are all big homebuyer turnoffs.

Bigger problems like loose shingles or plumbing issues need to be addressed before you put your home on the market. Buyers will be willing to pay more for a home that’s in move-in condition than one that needs work.

Consult a Real Estate Professional

It’s always a good idea to get a professional’s opinion about getting your home ready to put on the market. An experienced real estate agent can tell you what grabs the attention of buyers in your market and what things they ignore.

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